Water Hookup? Say What?

Well lets see where are we in the process of the house. It’s been a few days since I blogged.

The plans are all submitted. The trees that were blocking view are gone. The Excavator has his building permit number and was hot to trot to get started on the Septic and Drain Field installation. We were like that’s cool. Looking at the Project Plan some of the steps we needed to have completed before Hi-line comes to build the house were as follows:

  1. Order a Randy Can –
  2. Contact Water Company and get water faucet set up
  3. Get Electricity to Property
  4. Thursday Night attend Board meeting to get plans approved with our CCRs group. these are the same plans that we submitted to the county that we are waiting for approval which is 45 days from last week roughly.

OK well that was all in the schedule until the excavator said he needed these things done as well, and when did he inform us? As he was digging the hole for the Septic Tank. Goodness… The day before he didn’t say anything as Hubby and Him marked and measured where everything was going to go. To me it seems like we are tight on the South side of the property line but 5 feet is all that is required. The heat Pump will go over there too so walking around it to get to the back of the house will be a squeeze but it’s the cheapest location power wise closest to the electric box.

I left the house to run an errand and got a panicked call from hubby asking for neighbor’s phone number as the work around to not having water set up yet was to use the neighbors. It took a few phone calls and poor hubby knocked on everyone’s doors and put calls into any neighbor he could get ahold of with no avail. But finally after contacting my friend who is good friends with our one neighbor we got through and water was available for completing the job.

It seems like this phase of the project is just putting out little fires here and there. Hopefully there won’t be anything we can’t resolve without spending a lot of extra dough. Cash is slim as we are trying to not get a bridge loan. It’s crazy juggling. A wind fall would be so awesome but haven’t had one of those since my working days.






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