Money is flowing out now!!!

Well the Septic and drain field is almost installed. What have we learned from this phase of the project. Well, first off, make sure you have water, electric, Port a Potty and easements in place before you start. We thought all this needed to be done for the Hi-Line stuff only to start which is the actual building of the house which we are waiting for permits on.

Nope Septic stuff needs water to fill the tank up so that the tank doesn’t float if we get a big rain storm. And needing a Port a Potty is obvious.. Funny how the Septic guy needs a Port a Potty. hehehehe So neighbors came through and we borrowed 300 gallons of water.. Not sure how we will pay her back. It’s not like we can take it out of the tank. Makes me wonder how much a gallon the water company charges, we will probably offer to pay her water bill for the month. It was a huge help…

Here are some pictures of the lot so far. More to follow… oo the Board of our Community Center just sent us a letter approving our plans which is a good thing because the County needs that first before they can approve ours apparently… So that’s all well and good.


2 thoughts on “Money is flowing out now!!!

  1. Exciting news on the approval. What does a floating septic tank look like, a giant balloon? Maybe you can let your neighbor take free hot showers for a month. Dude looks a bit snarky in that picture, did the excavators mess something up? View is gorgeous. You should email that photo and floor plan to Lori, she would love to see it. Stuck in Munich airport, snowing hard and I don’t have the balls to try to head into town. Luv you guys….

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