Things are Progressing – Power is Closer

Painted Fairy

The elves are doing their magic. The clog in our process has been cleared. So where are we?

Well we got easement from the neighbors who have been so helpful but the process of getting there was frustrating. Getting Power to our house you would think is straight forward but the Power Company has complete control over how the power gets to your property and the Hand Hole “they call it” which is where they intend to pull power from was located instead of the Right of Way like it is suppose to be but on the personal property of the home owners next door so we needed an easement from the neighbors so that the Power company could access their Hand Hole. Crazy.. The Power company created this problem when they installed this Hand hole on the home owner’s property instead of the write of way about 20 years ago. Who knew. So easement is in, Power Company is in the process of scheduling when they can come out to run the electricity to our temporary power pole. Hubby has the excavator on board to dig the needed trench for the Power Company to run the cable from the neighbors Hand Hole, out to the Easement, then over to our temporary pole…

Final Septic approval happens today or tomorrow then the excavator will move the soil back over all the drain field, then hubby will put up a silk black fence so no one drives over it. No one likes broken drain pipes. It’s way to easy to just drive over it at this point.

Hubby has also been working with the electrian to get plans for our backup generator for when we get hit with wind storms an loose power. This was something I was super excited about but my expectation was that this back up generator would run the entire house including the heater which runs on electricity. But Hubby made the decision to go with the smaller generator instead. Oh well I get it, 12K verses 3K… money talks I don’t like it but will live with it — still disappointing. I guess I should be thankful he is putting one in to begin with. If it wasn’t for the fact that he hates pulling the existing generator out in the high winds and rain we wouldn’t even be getting this so I am happy for that!  Heat isn’t important to him like me I guess. Although this generator will create enough power to use a space heater. YEAH….OK enough ranting about stupid stuff. 3K leaves me more $$ to landscaping, hopefully! I don’t hold the wallet which is a good thing.

Hubby keeps checking the County to see where we are on the approval process. Still no word… 45 days from two weeks ago at the latest so what that’s sometime in Feb. Tick Tock…


Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!!!



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