So much to say, so little time to say it

Well lets see it is me again, writing on the progress of our Hi-Line Home. Last I wrote we were waiting for an easement which our neighbors finally granted. YEAH…..

So we have building plans approved by our housing association, the Septic In and inspected, Drain field set up and inspected, Trees removed that gave us a better view, temporary power pole is awaiting hook up by Puget Power which will probably be tomorrow.

I made a new friend through my volunteering work that might be able to build my SHE shed for much less than the Tuff Shed Version, very excited about that…

So now we wait for County Permits. Once they are done, then it’s time to schedule Hi-Line’s Project Manager, and our Excavator to go out and measure for the foundation and then it’s foundation time. Hi-Line takes over the building of the actual house, and Lynn continues to work with the Excavator to put in drainage and lot leveling for landscaping, making plans for concrete side walks and driveway, etc… We take care of everything on the outside, deck for one. Hi-Line takes care of the house.. Who knew so much just outside the house needed to be done…

Hubby is pretty toast, every day there is something – yesterday a trench had to be hand dug because of the wires underground which we needed to located for a second time because the girl didn’t do a good enough job the first time and the excavator didn’t trust the markings that were made which was a good thing because they were wrong.

Hubby bought some fun toys. A laser level for one to ensure the walls are level. He will be double checking everything just to make sure. One can’t be too careful especially since he has to do all the finish work and if a door frame isn’t right the door won’t fit. That could be a bummer… He also bought a camera so theft will hopefully be avoided. We have had a lot of problems in our neighborhood lately. There is so much construction going on and peoples supplies are being stollen from lots since there is no way to secure them.

Hubby is chomping to find a cheap pick up truck as well as we will be responsible to hauling away all un-used materials. The car can only hold so much. I found one advertised on Facebook that was too good to be true and it was. My god there are a lot of scammers out there. Apparently I could send them the money and they would ship the truck to me for free. Yah right… Nope didn’t bite on that…

Well no pictures today. Just words sorry about that. Pictures will be coming soon though.


One thought on “So much to say, so little time to say it

  1. Hmmmm, if you installed your she shed NOW in the far corner of the lot, you could store everything there at night, and avoid theft!

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