House Progress

Well it’s been quite a while since I have written and so many things have happened I hope to capture the essence here. Last time I posted I believe we just got power to the lot. Since then we put in the Septic system and cut out the foundation back in February leaving three huge piles of dirt in front of the lot and then it has been just sitting there waiting for our subs to start working. Apparently there was a huge backlog due to the unusual rainy season we had this year. But we are finally up and running.

I think I have lost most of my friends as I have had no time to see or talk to them. It breaks my heart too as one of them moved away and I couldn’t even make it to the going away party as I was stuck on the Lot moving dirt and by the time I got home I was toast.

The back of the lot is all ready to landscape but the Dude won’t let me do anything until after the house is done. He is afraid of the county not liking what I do apparently. So I am sitting here cringing at all the work that is being created as the black berries are coming back, the field grass is growing where I want my flower beds. Grrrr… patience I know. Next spring I can get in the dirt.

So we poured the foundation in May and the framers are just now starting to frame in the house. The first crisis was that even before the foundation was poured a huge pile of lumber showed up three weeks early. Now normally who cares right? But the concerns were two fold. One security, theft has been happening a lot here and two the pile of wood is in the right of way and our excavator can’t get to the piles of dirt to backfill. It was crazy after several calls into the project manager it never got resolved but our escalator had a work around. Phew.

Next problem, our excavator got terribly sick and so he was unavailable to do the required work we hired him to do regarding the back filling and downspouts for the house. So the solution was to use another guy who is friends with this guy in trade for labor. So hubby has turned into a construction guy whether he likes it or not. In the mean time my back goes out and I am having all kinds of physical problems myself so I’m not much help at all.

Our existing house has been on the market for 101 days and we could really use the money. This has been very frustrating. We almost had a buyer but they decided to go with a less expensive house. Drat. Today though hopefully we will have a bite. 4:30pm viewing. I am on my own to get the house ready as Lynn is working at the Lot. No biggy I think I can handle that. Turn all lights on, open all blinds, plug in water feature, sweep floors, roll up temp carpets to protect new carpet put in car, poop patrol in yard… load up the dog, put everything away in Dog room… So I guess I will start this at 3pm today that way I can make sure and have it all done in time.

Then its up to Dominos for a $8 special, extra pepperoni and extra cheese pizza, hubby’s favorite. I’m more of a extra cheese person, but I’m hungry just thinking about it right now.


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