Dog Dementia Log Report

My little science project data collection….. Bueller (English Bulldog) is only a month away from turning 13. His dementia started at age 10 with night only episodes several months apart, age 11 night only episodes every three months and age 12 (Pee nights started) almost every night and some confusion during the day .

Can he make it to 13 (March 21)? mmmmm can we make it…

Well yesterday Bueller was not his perky self at all but he was a cuddle. He was very unstable on his feet. If I didn’t know better I would say he was having a bout of MS… He tipped over and couldn’t get up I had to help him. But then after that he was fine the rest of the day. Very unsettling…

Last night he slept until 1pm – woke up to an episode and wet bed. So I cleaned him up, pilled him, and hung out in the TV room and played Butter Bone for a bit, then we did a little “Where the Hell Am I”, and then oo I am sleepy and up on the couch we both went and was asleep by 3am… The Dude got the night off…..

This AM Bueller was about the same as yesterday really… no wag… bummer…

Dog Dementia Report Log – Pee night

My little science project data collection….. Bueller (English Bulldog) is only a month away from turning 13. His dementia started at age 10 with night only episodes several months apart, age 11 night only episodes every three months and age 12 (Pee nights started) almost every night and some confusion during the day .

Can he make it to 13 (March 21)? mmmmm can we make it…

Well last night was a two wake episode. Bueller got up with me at 11, went pee and happily went back up on the couch where we snuggled for an hour. Then 2pm The Dude got up with Bueller who had wet the bed. The Dude cleaned him up, changed the sheets and hung with him until he went back to sleep about an half hour.

Bueller wasn’t restless or anything, very accommodating actually but I could tell he was not totally ok but I was hoping it was just sleepiness. He got up at 5am this morning and was totally depressed. No wag, nothing, just went through the motions of our routine like a zombie dog – no night meds either so weird (outside to pee, inside to eat, meds, butter bone, tummy pill). Kind of a buzz kill but I departmentalize the emotions and think of this as a science study. I tell myself  “It’s just a symptom to log to find trends to help others with their dementia dog nothing to worry about “… for some reason it helps… Until my heart starts to sink anyway.

He was pretty confused this AM which isn’t really normal for his episodes as this behavior usually is seen at night… He is fast asleep back on his Mat now after two attempts to sit with him while he got settled. He is breathing a little heavier than normal too but not an anxious thing, almost like he is in pain but can’t put my finger on it… Need to call Vet about Antibiotics as to when to restart them.. Wonder if his infection is coming back?

Well that’s it for today. Hope this helps for anyone living with their dementia dog.





DOG Dementia Seeing a Trend Maybe

My little science project data collection….. Bueller (English Bulldog) is only a month away from turning 13. His dementia started at age 10 with night only episodes several months apart, age 11 night only episodes every three months and age 12 (Pee nights started) almost every night and some confusion during the day .

Can he make it to 13? mmmmm can we make it…

OK I am seeing a trend here in Bueller Dementia progression. We will start with Pee night… After he pees himself from not waking at night, the following day he will be very lethargic and slightly confused as to what the routine is but ok mood wise….Followed by a couple of nights of limited wake bouts, moving towards manics where the Xanax barely does anything anymore.

Valentine’s day was crash night. After 4 days of ZERO sleep between The Dude and Myself, Bueller woke up at 9:30pm (he usually crashes on the couch after dinner mind you, about 6pm), went out to pee, and was on a grumpy manic for about an hour. I crashed, The Dude just hung with him and read until 10:30pm and Bueller went up on the couch and crashed himself… He hasn’t woken yet this AM so I am guessing he will be wet but I don’t want to bug him as he looks so peaceful…

I have also noticed a change in sleeping positions. He use to rhino on his side but now he is sleeping on his tummy when Pee nights happen. mmm

So it seems to be about a 7 to 9 day cycle. Starting with Pee night where he sleeps through the night sort of (with only one or two wake ups), Lethargic during the days, then I am guessing tomorrow he will be good during the day and then the night wakes will start up again…

This is so hard but my god I have been reading some blogs where people have had it much harder than what The Dude and I are dealing with right now so now I am feeling guilting for thinking about sending Bueller to college. Argggggggg The Dude is not ready, I am though but happily willing to continue forward as the forever gone haunts me to the point that I want to puke.

It is so hard when your pooches body is fine (sort of in Bueller’s case – lots of manageable arthritis) but the mind is dazed and confused….


Valentines Day Already

Well, last night was 1 1/2 Xanax for the pooch, he was up about 3 times, Xanax on waking the second time (midnight). No pain meds though. The first wake 10pm, (the Dude’s shift) he went potty, drank water and clingy like went back to sleep as long as you were with him. Second time (Midnight wake My shift) he didn’t know what he wanted AT ALL. Up and down on and off the couch. Wouldn’t go outside so figured he didn’t need to pee. Third time the Dude took that shift he easily went back to sleep again as long as you were with him.

The Dude and I got to sleep in to 6:30am. Bueller woke and was really kind of lost for the first hour of wake, then he seemed ok after meds kicked in (Allergy, pain, anti-inflamatories)

His night episodes are not nearly as bad as they were before we discovered the mouth infection. HUGE improvement from prior to his antibiotic hits…

He is just hard to please. But Cute none the less.  Going to live in denial a little longer!


TGBA (Thank God Bueller’s Alive)

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.18.56 AM

Well it appears Dr. Dammeyer’s Meds are working to help with the night terrors (that is what I am calling it today anyway – It’s medically Canine Cognitive Behavior Disorder mind you)  we have been experiencing — we being us Humans and Pooch.

So instead of just giving Bueller his Xanax when he is freaked out at night, we give it to him when he wakes for his 11pm PEE outing along with a pain med.

IT IS  helping A TON…. He was up twice last night but nothing major….

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! The Gods are Good today!


Well not much to say, rufff night, no pun intended….

Good side, the AM he was great, gave me a high five as if nothing was ever wrong!!!

GARDEN CLUB today, oo it would be a hoot to take Bueller…. but I won’t don’t worry.

That’s it for today.

Happy Reads

Bueller Hug DrawingWell I think I have gotten dark and depressing enough. If you are reading my blog you get the point of the difficulties of living with a dog with dementia. Now it’s time for hear about the wonders of an English bulldog.

First off the puppy phase: OMG this pooch drew so much attention anywhere we went. He was so tiny and cute at the same time and quite the ferocious chewer but luckily for him I was a ferocious dog toy purchaser. He has had every toy imaginable and then some.

The Dude and I were so excited we finally had a dog to walk Greenlake with. No more dog lusting… Bueller had other activities in mind, he said “nope I would rather stick to one mile walks not three thank you very much”… So he was a favorite in Edmonds. I kind of over stepped our welcome though as I took him into every store. Then one day we started noticing signs saying “no dogs in store, please”. Yep you can attribute that to Bueller. hehehe

He loved to play run and jump with me, He would get ahold of my sweatshirts and I would pull him down the hall. We did this so much that all of my sweatshirts to date the arms are full of holes, kind of ruined but it was fun who cares.

Gardening with Bueller was equally fun, when ever I turned the soil it was his job to steal my tools and hide them. He was fast and sneaky at it as well. I would be really getting into it and then I would reach for my weeder and it would be gone. Fortunately he wasn’t very good at digging as his hiding involved burying it somewhere.

Fresh soil was also one of his favorite things. If I had laid it down or created it from churning, his little snout would be right in it. He would pull his face out of the dirt pile and it would be completely black. Then he would come up to me and sneeze it all over me. Now who can’t love a bulldog’s sneeze….

OOO and the Skateboard was his favorite outside toy. It was funny there was this famous Bulldog in LA that rode a skateboard. He was so good at it just pushing it along. So I thought how fun would it be to teach Bueller that…Well Bueller LOVED it but not as something to ride but as something to destroy. So The Dude would throw it across the lawn and Bueller would run after it as if it was a frizebee. That got us plenty of hours of entertainment in 10 minutes spurts – as we all know English Bulldogs are not known for their endurance.

His favorite indoor toy is his Bear… now after 12 plus years he has gone through several versions of them but I go to the Good Will or my friends do and get him a life size Bear that he loves to hump. Yep I am saying it, he was a humper of the bear. Now a days his back isn’t so happy so he not just bites and falls asleep on it. mmm wonder if that is what it will be like when The Dude and I get old, I will be the bear. hehehehe OOO did I just write that…

And you can’t have a bulldog and not write about their Bully Chews. Yep these sticks are made from a Bull’s Penis. How gross is that. They smell really bad too but HE LOVES them… Now a days he gums them to death and I embellish his chew with a little butter for him. No he isn’t spoiled or anything. His second favorite chew is the new Himalayan dog chew made of YAK Milk. Man I wish they had been making these when Bueller was a pup… Much better than Raw Hides… Which did nothing but give Bueller the WORST farts.

His Mats: OMG he has so many mats, I kind of went WAY overboard on that. He has one in every room basically. The Costco Dog mat has always been a good one, he destroyed a few as a pup tearing them apart but as he got older they were reliable sleeping places. I read that Donut beds were good for Bulldogs because of their big heads so I bought two – one for the bed room and one for the TV room. OMG he absolutely HATES the one in the TV room. They are exactly the same too. It is so funny to watch him on it. He sees it and jumps into it and then just starts throwing a temper tantrum, digging, spinning, digging, then ultimately jumping off and coming to the couch. So need less to say he has a bed he has never really used.

His other favorite place that isn’t really anymore was his heat blanket. I would say from age 8-10 he loved the heat blanket. I would turn it on and he was like a cat, he went straight for it and would sleep on it for hours. Now he isn’t too excited about it but he still wants it out. God for bid you move any of his stuff.

vacuumO the Vacuum… My god how can I not talk about him and the Vacuum… He has destroyed it. I was a bad Mom and when I vacuumed I would let him Attack it, so the hose is full of tape plugging holes, the base doesn’t rotate anymore he broke that. Yep I admit it, I encouraged it. It made vacuuming fun instead of a chore. So there. Who cares.

He is my joy! Last night from 1-3 he was in a full blown play mode – The Dude and I played with him, pilled him, two hours later he finally settled in and we all got a good night’s sleep.




Day Off Today

Well last night was good. He woke at 10:30pm. The Dude took him out to pee, then he came in drank water, and was very fussy. So we gave him a pain pill as the VET said it was ok to increase his dose. This was suggested by my sister a while ago but was afraid to over medicate my Bueller. But now I am desperate. So we gave him half a doze, then I sat with him on his mat and 30 minutes later he was fast asleep and he slept through the night, in fact it’s a little unnerving as he is still sleeping and it is 8:30am…

I am leaving for a play day today at 9:30am I so hope he wakes before I go. I have tried a couple of times to disturb him to no avail. He is ok he just doesn’t want to get up. The Dude will be hang’n with him so it’s all good.

To be honest he did this once last week as well so I seriously doubt it was the half doze of pain meds that is making him sleep like this. I suspect he just doesn’t want to get up because he doesn’t feel good.

The Dude talked to the VET Tech yesterday about the process of sending Bueller to college. The best day to do it would be a Tuesday late so that Bueller’s remains can be picked up Wednesday morning for Cremation. We can be with him the whole time, thank God. The cost is going to be $140 for the trip to College and another $150 for the Cremation and we will be able to pick up his ashes the following Wednesday. We plan on having a Grafton Urn made for him. He is one of my favorite Ceramic artists of late. Graftonpottery

So our plan is either this Tuesday or Next… I am feeling better about our decision. My DUDE is so strong….He made the call to the VET I just couldn’t do it without loosing it.

Well that’s it for today…. Thanks for reading!!! I so hope anyone else who is suffering with their pooch that this helps them.