Anime Studio Pro Lesson 20-24

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 8.02.15 AM OK now we are getting somewhere. This was pretty easy to make. Took me about 30 minutes… Not bad.. Adding details is where the time comes in, like eye lids, fold shadows etc… but it’s a start.


Yesterday’s learning session was much easier than the glass of water. My dyslexia hates multiple lines together close as class 19 had, but lesson’s 20 – 24 were about brushes and were much easier to follow…

So what did I learn actually? Style settings, edge affects, how to shade, how to layer objects using Group folders (this is important when I start to animate Bueller’s Ears because see how the ears are behind his head here? Well when I animate them the edges behind will show if I don’t get it just right)… I will post example when I get to that phase.

I am a ways away from the animation part of this class. Not sure exactly how the animation is going to work but I am getting impatient – I so want to just skip forward but I won’t… must be detailed and learn everything so when I can bones that will allow me to move Bueller everything works the way I need them too. Sounds easy but I’m sure it’s not going to be. hehehe

Well that’s it for today! Tomorrow is Easter and I am taking the day off to play with my Aunty Em in OZ!




Anime Studio Pro Glass Lecture

Results from lesson 19thScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 7.59.22 AM


OK it may not be the best looking glass but it does look like what lesson 19th taught. Although I am still having trouble really getting how the color fill works, I am very comfortable with the add points, delete points, layering of images (not that I can easily change to layer order yet but I will get there), Make lines thicker, hide lines.

Now why would you hide a line instead of delete it you might ask? Well if you delete a point you loose the image fill, but hiding a line you don’t. Good to know…

One step closer to getting a Bueller image…… Yippy!

Anime Studio Pro Learning

Well I logged onto ( Click Here to go to the site ) yesterday and started to learn Anime Studio Pro! The class speed is great and you have the option to slow it down too. Love that feature. Made it through 18 lessons, repeating a couple trying to get the groove as to how the tools work for filling images, creating holes in images, and how images layer on top of one another. Learned how to thicken certain lines without affecting others. So far so good.

Started Lesson 19.. Not so easy to keep up and I am fumbling with image fill changes for some reason. Also I obviously am doing something wrong because sometimes the image option (square, circle, star etc) in the drawing tools section disappears and I have no understanding as to why and I start animation with the time line. Probably hitting the space bar too much.

So goal is today to get through this with ease. I am going to play it and replay it until I have it in memory. Might research the Anime Studio Pro help too to learn why the image option disappears.

This 7 minute lesson so far has taken me an hour to get through. hahaha – however, I am hoping today I will create a glass half full of water and it will look like one and I will have answered my questions as to what is happening with the animation time line and image tool box.

ooo and my space heater showed up yesterday so I am finally warm in my work space, thank GOD…… The Dude even approved of it. Now lets hope the electric bill isn’t hurt too badly by it. It’s a Delonghi Electric Oil Filled Radiator that is suppose to be cheap to run. It does have a low wattage switch which is cool… I am skeptical, the proof will be in the electric bill… Cross you fingers…

Udemy Learning a new chapter

Well I am going to venture into a new blog topic. That of Internet Learning starting with Anime Studio Pro via Now what do I hope to accomplish with this topic?

Share the learning experience via a dyslexic & ADHD mind and to bring my Bueller back to life via Animated comics…. My significant other doesn’t think I can focus well enough to get through this, I am going to prove him wrong…