House Progress

Well it’s been quite a while since I have written and so many things have happened I hope to capture the essence here. Last time I posted I believe we just got power to the lot. Since then we put in the Septic system and cut out the foundation back in February leaving three huge piles of dirt in front of the lot and then it has been just sitting there waiting for our subs to start working. Apparently there was a huge backlog due to the unusual rainy season we had this year. But we are finally up and running.

I think I have lost most of my friends as I have had no time to see or talk to them. It breaks my heart too as one of them moved away and I couldn’t even make it to the going away party as I was stuck on the Lot moving dirt and by the time I got home I was toast.

The back of the lot is all ready to landscape but the Dude won’t let me do anything until after the house is done. He is afraid of the county not liking what I do apparently. So I am sitting here cringing at all the work that is being created as the black berries are coming back, the field grass is growing where I want my flower beds. Grrrr… patience I know. Next spring I can get in the dirt.

So we poured the foundation in May and the framers are just now starting to frame in the house. The first crisis was that even before the foundation was poured a huge pile of lumber showed up three weeks early. Now normally who cares right? But the concerns were two fold. One security, theft has been happening a lot here and two the pile of wood is in the right of way and our excavator can’t get to the piles of dirt to backfill. It was crazy after several calls into the project manager it never got resolved but our escalator had a work around. Phew.

Next problem, our excavator got terribly sick and so he was unavailable to do the required work we hired him to do regarding the back filling and downspouts for the house. So the solution was to use another guy who is friends with this guy in trade for labor. So hubby has turned into a construction guy whether he likes it or not. In the mean time my back goes out and I am having all kinds of physical problems myself so I’m not much help at all.

Our existing house has been on the market for 101 days and we could really use the money. This has been very frustrating. We almost had a buyer but they decided to go with a less expensive house. Drat. Today though hopefully we will have a bite. 4:30pm viewing. I am on my own to get the house ready as Lynn is working at the Lot. No biggy I think I can handle that. Turn all lights on, open all blinds, plug in water feature, sweep floors, roll up temp carpets to protect new carpet put in car, poop patrol in yard… load up the dog, put everything away in Dog room… So I guess I will start this at 3pm today that way I can make sure and have it all done in time.

Then its up to Dominos for a $8 special, extra pepperoni and extra cheese pizza, hubby’s favorite. I’m more of a extra cheese person, but I’m hungry just thinking about it right now.

Things are Progressing – Power is Closer

Painted Fairy

The elves are doing their magic. The clog in our process has been cleared. So where are we?

Well we got easement from the neighbors who have been so helpful but the process of getting there was frustrating. Getting Power to our house you would think is straight forward but the Power Company has complete control over how the power gets to your property and the Hand Hole “they call it” which is where they intend to pull power from was located instead of the Right of Way like it is suppose to be but on the personal property of the home owners next door so we needed an easement from the neighbors so that the Power company could access their Hand Hole. Crazy.. The Power company created this problem when they installed this Hand hole on the home owner’s property instead of the write of way about 20 years ago. Who knew. So easement is in, Power Company is in the process of scheduling when they can come out to run the electricity to our temporary power pole. Hubby has the excavator on board to dig the needed trench for the Power Company to run the cable from the neighbors Hand Hole, out to the Easement, then over to our temporary pole…

Final Septic approval happens today or tomorrow then the excavator will move the soil back over all the drain field, then hubby will put up a silk black fence so no one drives over it. No one likes broken drain pipes. It’s way to easy to just drive over it at this point.

Hubby has also been working with the electrian to get plans for our backup generator for when we get hit with wind storms an loose power. This was something I was super excited about but my expectation was that this back up generator would run the entire house including the heater which runs on electricity. But Hubby made the decision to go with the smaller generator instead. Oh well I get it, 12K verses 3K… money talks I don’t like it but will live with it — still disappointing. I guess I should be thankful he is putting one in to begin with. If it wasn’t for the fact that he hates pulling the existing generator out in the high winds and rain we wouldn’t even be getting this so I am happy for that!  Heat isn’t important to him like me I guess. Although this generator will create enough power to use a space heater. YEAH….OK enough ranting about stupid stuff. 3K leaves me more $$ to landscaping, hopefully! I don’t hold the wallet which is a good thing.

Hubby keeps checking the County to see where we are on the approval process. Still no word… 45 days from two weeks ago at the latest so what that’s sometime in Feb. Tick Tock…


Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!!!


Dead in the Water

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.36.26 AMThe house is getting closer but now we are dead in the water. Apparently of all things we have hit a snag with getting power to the house…we need an easement from neighbors to access the power box set up for their house. But neighbors don’t want to sign it which means about an $8,000 budget hit and three month delay…yikes…the power company sent them a new request for easemen hubby is sleepless until he hears back from them…he is about to pull the plug tired of this unpredictable stuff he can’t control…..this process really gives me appreciation for what contractors endure. More as the story unfolds…..

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Money is flowing out now!!!

Well the Septic and drain field is almost installed. What have we learned from this phase of the project. Well, first off, make sure you have water, electric, Port a Potty and easements in place before you start. We thought all this needed to be done for the Hi-Line stuff only to start which is the actual building of the house which we are waiting for permits on.

Nope Septic stuff needs water to fill the tank up so that the tank doesn’t float if we get a big rain storm. And needing a Port a Potty is obvious.. Funny how the Septic guy needs a Port a Potty. hehehehe So neighbors came through and we borrowed 300 gallons of water.. Not sure how we will pay her back. It’s not like we can take it out of the tank. Makes me wonder how much a gallon the water company charges, we will probably offer to pay her water bill for the month. It was a huge help…

Here are some pictures of the lot so far. More to follow… oo the Board of our Community Center just sent us a letter approving our plans which is a good thing because the County needs that first before they can approve ours apparently… So that’s all well and good.

January 1 – Sunday – Crap Rules changed

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 6.28.32 AM

This is how I feel about the county right now. When building a house you need to research so much with regards to permits. My hubby had it all read and digested and guess what, January 1 – they release a new Site Development and Drainage set of rules. And guess what? They don’t tell you what changed they just updated all the documentation. Grrrrr

So guess what we will be doing today, yep reading the more than 20 forms today. Here is the site: Click here if you are interested. Next week will be interesting. It also Snowed!!! But it is all melted now. That has nothing to do with new construction but just a note. hehehe



New Year Eve Already

screen-shot-2016-04-05-at-7-12-07-amWell the building process is nothing to sneeze at. One needs to be a stubborn bulldog in order to get things done right. So here is the plan for the first week of January 2017 regarding the new house.

  1. My sneak phone call worked and Hubby was glad I did it. Phew that could have gone either way. I hate seeing him sit and suffer waiting for an email reply. He just doesn’t get people are not responsible via Email like they are a phone call. So the plans are wrong and they are going to fix them. Tuesday the updated plans should be ready. Hubby plans on driving down to Puyallup and ensuring the updates are correct before they print everything. Honey Badger alert. He is going into Badger mode. I suggested that he call and make an appointment to do just that as Im not sure how well he will be received just showing up.

    Why is he riding this so hard? Because every time they print new plans it causes another week delay. Hubby wants to ensure that only one revision is done. Smart man. Hopefully the Hi-Line staff won’t mind. Plus the Excavator is chomping at the bit to get started as well.

  2. Trees are going – got our first shared payment to get the trees removed. I wonder if the home owners of the trees that are being removed are going to stiff us or not? Should be interesting as they expressed that they knew this was their responsibility but didn’t like doing it.
  3. Keeping Bronco! busy… This is my job. We went to Costco yesterday and I got a few cool boxes for him to destroy. This is how I am able to write this blog. Ha Ha Ha.
  4. House Guest next week too – so so looking forward to another mind to pipe in on ideas… My little sis is great at this stuff. She landscaped her place beautifully. How did she learn this? Crazy… She definitely inherited that gene from Mom who had the greenest thumb ever..

Well that about wraps it up for now, probably won’t blog much next week but one never knows. Actually with my sister here I probably can as I have someone to entertain the puppy!!!!


Happy New Years Everyone!

The Plans Arrived

Well lets see, we haven’t even broke ground and we are starting to get behind. The plans were suppose to arrive on Dec 21 but didn’t arrive until Wednesday well after Christmas. And after the Dude spent the fair amount of the day pouring through the many many layers of paper he discovered several things that need fixing. I won’t go into the deals of that because who cares the point is this is going to add another two weeks to the process as the plans need to be redone before we can submit to the county. Our Excavator is sitting on pins and needles waiting for us to get the permits submitted so he can start the drain fields and septic system.

The good news is that the company we are working with basically put together the package that we need to take into the county for permit submittal. Bad news, my poor hubby was totally overwhelmed by all he needed to pour through. You see my Dude is thankfully very very detailed and there is not one word he hasn’t digested and questioned in this entire packet. So need less to say the process of filling out all the forms for permits is daunting for him, for anyone for that matter. He has spent two full days so far. Our kitchen table is nothing but forms and plans.

So currently we have three fires to put out.

One: Electricity to the Site. Apparently we need a two foot easement to access the electric box on the neighbor’s lot. However the Electric Company wants a 10X10 foot easement which there is no way anyone would give up that much. So if the Dude can’t get a solution to easily access this box we will have to opt for a much more expensive way to get electricity to the lot. More as this story unfolds. He is currently pursuing a 2 foot easement with pictures of the area in question and asking both the Electric Utility and the neighbors for this solution.

Two: Storm Damage precaution Form has the Dude baffled. It is basically suppose to be what our plan is to keep everyone around the construction site from eroding all over the neighbors and streets. However this form is like 13 pages of what options you are choosing to use to ensure erosion control along with a drawing. This is the biggest question how can you create a drawing of where the dirt mounds will be when you haven’t even started digging yet. Crazy. He is going to yap with his Mentor on this form.

Three: Plans corrected: Who knows how long this will take. The Dude is resisting the urge to just white out and fix himself. I keep reminding him he can’t do that. These are not his plans to mess with.

As for me, my Tree removal project is finally underway. There are three huge trees blocking the view from our lot and the neighbors. So we all are going in to help pay to have the trees removed. This really wasn’t too bad. A few hiccups but back on track.

Well that is about it for now, ooo one thing I did that will probably bite me in the ass. Lynn just emailed the company about the house plans being wrong and needing correcting. I suggested that he call them but he felt no one was in the office anyway until after New Years. So what did I do? I called and left a message for them to call my hubby. Hopefully we will hear from them today!!!! I am kind of pushy probably should not have done it but I hate seeing the Dude struggling and stressing waiting for a response. 


Random Thoughts

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.33.19 AMWell it’s Dec 20, tomorrow the blueprints are suppose to be ready. We just got out of a cold snap so I need to get gardening on the house we intend to sell. I have this puppy though that is not helping.

This is him going Mom I’m listening…..


Hubby fixed the dishwasher soap dispenser but was very annoyed with me sending him Youtube videos as to how to fix it as he was hoping to not have to worry about it. Now I’m going to get the snub all day from him I just know it. Oh well the price I pay for living with a Dude that is touched.


Well it’s the week before Christmas

Well screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-53-50-amthis tree is wonderful isn’t it. It is a Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree not vine… mmmmm Pondering this for front yard landscaping…

Well lets see where are we in the building a new house scheme. Well obviously we need to sell our existing house to pay for the new house and the laws have changed so much in the last 10 years since we bought our existing house. So we just learned that we have to have the county out to inspect our existing septic system to ensure it is in compliance with the law. Now my first impression when I learned this was, wait a minute what is the annual inspection for  if not to ensure we are complying with the law? Strange. So in addition to paying for our annual inspection which provides a report to the county that we are in compliance, we had to have an actual county guy come out and bless it. This was hairy.

Both of us were on pins and needles as we felt that our annual inspection company wasn’t very good at really looking at the system and our fears were confirmed when the county guy came out. But they were wonderful, spent the fair amount of an afternoon working with my husband to expose view ports we did not even know existed as the previous owner did not have to do this type of inspection when we bought the house from him. So then we waited a nervous 3 days and got the county blessing that our system is good. YEAH… Phew, huge relief…

Things that are pending – Design plans from Hi-Line should be done on the 21. Then we need to figure out where to get blue print copies and fill out the pile of forms to submit to the county for approval to build. I also need to get ahold of the tree guy and get that ball rolling for payment collection on getting three trees removed after the holidays but I will wait on this until after Christmas.

Speaking of which this should be an interesting holiday as we have our house all staged to sell. Meaning it’s empty as heck, and my brother in law and his son are coming for a visit the day after Christmas. We haven’t shared the news of moving with Lynn’s side of the family yet, nervous about how they will take it. Hopefully we will be supported one never knows.